Our Mission:

To surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. 



In the U.S., approximately 1 in 5 children under the age of 18 live in poverty, shouldering more than they should have to. Communities In Schools works directly inside schools, building relationships that empower students to succeed inside and outside the classroom.

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In schools to help kids stay in school.

Five accredited affiliates make up our 64 school Michigan state network. Within this network, there are individuals and organizations who help make this work possible. our commitment to the students we serve also keeps us focused on results. Our work has been informed by more than 40 years of supporting students and school staff.



Of our students stayed in school


Of our students Graduated


Thousand children Impacted


Integrated Student Support

The CIS site coordinator works with volunteers, partners and the local community to provide students with the supports they need to succeed both inside and outside the classroom. By differentiating our supports, we are able to serve most students in a school and also focus attention on targeted students that have significant needs.

Below are some examples of how we provide support:


Academic Assistance

Our site coordinators work hard to ensure that students have the resources to progress academically. From providing students with tutors, to finding and creating quiet spaces where students can study, we do whatever it takes to create an optimal learning environment for our students. We also provide a wide range of information and opportunities for college-bound and career-minded students.

Community & Service Learning

Students served by Communities In Schools not only get the help they need to succeed in the classroom, but they also gain valuable experience in the real world by participating in public service activities. We encourage and provide students with many opportunities to connect more with their local community – from volunteer jobs, mentoring programs and outreach efforts, students can experience for themselves the value they can both bring to, and receive from, community involvement.

Basic Needs

What can seem like small obstacles can easily lead students off track. A student cannot focus in the classroom if he or she is hungry, cold or tired, or cannot see the board. From ensuring students get proper nutrition, are sleeping in safe places and have reliable transportation to and from school, to providing resources or referrals to their families when they are in need, there is no request too small for us.

College & Career Prep

For students pursuing college, we help decipher the application process, explore scholarship opportunities, tour campuses and conduct mock interviews. For those planning to enter the work force, we help students discover enjoyable, sustainable career paths and connect them to internships, job shadowing opportunities and leadership training courses. For those undecided, our site coordinators provide a safe sounding board to articulate goals and fears, and explore options.


January 2018

The assistant principal at Pleasant View noticed that there were multiple students going outside for recess without winter coats, hats, or gloves.

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Your tax-deductible gift to Communities In Schools will help connect at-risk students with caring adults, community resources and support systems to keep them in school and on the path to graduation. When provided with one-on-one support, 99% of our most at-risk students stay in school, but many more need help.



CIS of Michigan's goal is to bring the Community into schools through volunteers and partners.

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For as little as $200 per child annually (or $15 a month), we are able to keep 99% of our most at-risk students in school.