Pleasant View Coat Drive


Attwood's night custodian, Tabatha Schrauben, travels the district working in multiple buildings. Tabatha and I worked together frequently last year, when she worked exclusively at Attwood. The assistant principal at Pleasant View noticed that there were multiple students going outside for recess without winter coats, hats, or gloves. Concerned, he asked Tabatha if she knew how to get coats for the students. Tabatha said she would reach out to me, knowing that we had the clothing closet at Attwood. When I heard what was happening at Pleasant View, I reached out to CIS Attwood's community partner the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lansing to ask if they were able to help out-- and, as usual, they came through with flying colors! We asked if they could help us find 20 coats to donate and the UUCGL congregation was able to provide over 50 coats as well as boots, hats, and gloves in less than a week! On Valentine's Day, 2019, the Ministerial Intern, Theresa Rohlck, myself, Carla Laws (Attwood Principal), and Tabatha packed our cars full of donations and drove to Pleasant View, where we met the principal, Angela Jackson. This situation is a perfect example of how Communities In Schools is able to connect resources to schools in need, even when we're not in the building!

Meg McElhone

Site Coordinator
Attwood Elementary
Communities In Schools of Michigan

Bethany Jared